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Agnes & Cat Starter and Display - Silver

Product code: Starter-11

This reclaimed wood stand full of beautiful products is perfect for creating your own Agnes and Cat shop display. With simple click of a button you will benefit from carefully selected range of wholesale products. RRP £1527 excluding stand

FREE  Six Shelf Display with Casters - Recycled Wood

FREE  20 Agnes and Cat Cotton Bag 

FREE Delivery to UK Mainland

Included in starter :

Handmade Coconut Butter Soaps 140g - RRP: £6.95/Soap

ACHS-01 - 6x 140g Handmade Soap  - Windermere

ACHS-02 - 6x 140g Handmade Soap  - Moroccan Roll

ACHS-10 - 6x 140g Handmade Soap - Provence

ACHS-05 - 6x 140g Handmade Soap - Japanese Bloom

ACHS-14 - 6x 140g Handmade Soap - Rhubarb Rhubarb

ACHS-11 - 6x 140g Handmade Soap - Clementine

Soaps on a Rope 150g- RRP: £7.00/Soap

ACSR-09-6x 150g Soap On A Rope - Windermere 

ACSR-01 -6x 150g Soap On A Rope - Fell berry 

ACSR-07 -6x 150g Soap On A Rope - Rhubarb

ACSR-13 -6x 150g Soap On A Rope - Fresh Citrus

ACSR-11 -6x 150g Soap On A Rope - Pressed Peonies

ACSR-12 -6x 150g Soap On A Rope - Provence

Tin Candles 200ml - RRP: £12.95/candle

ACTC-23 -6x 200ml Soy Wax Tin Candle - Clementine

ACTC-22 -6x 200ml Soy Wax Tin Candle - Provence 

ACTC-06 -6x 200ml Soy Wax Tin Candle - Sea salt and Moss

ACTC-07 -6x 200ml Soy Wax Tin Candle - Japanese Bloom

Soy Wax Jam Jar Candles 220ml- RRP: £12.50/candle  

ACJJ-02  -6x Jam Jar Candle - MOROCCAN ROLL

ACJJ-03 -6x Jam Jar Candle - Fell berry

ACJJ-04 -6x Jam Jar Candle - RHUBARB RHUBARB

ACJJ-20 -6x Jam Jar Candle - Moroccan Roll  

Two Bath Fizzer 220g- RRP: £5.75/Fizzer

ACBB-04 -6x Bath Fizzer Fresh - Sea salt and Moss 

ACBB-05 -6x Bath Fizzer Fresh - Japanese Bloom 

ACBB-13 -6x Bath Fizzer - Rhubarb Rhubarb 

ACBB-02 -6x Bath Fizzer Fresh - Moroccan Roll

Natural Lip Balms - RRP: £4.99/piece  

ACLB-10 -6x LIP BALM - Mint Chocolate 


ACLB-13 -6x Lip Balm - Watermelon


ACLB-08 -6x LIP BALM -Espresso Martini 

Natural Soy Wax Melts 160g - RRP: £9/box

ACWM-06    4x Box of 8 Wax Melts - Seas alt + Moss

ACWM-20    4x Box of 8 Wax Melts - White Fig 

ACWM-26    4x Box of 8 Wax Melts - fresh Citrus

1x ACSHOP-08  - 1 x  Six Shelf Display with Casters - Recycled Wood 180cmx79cmx37cm   FREE ( RRP: £630)

2x ACCBag-01 - 10x Agnes and Cat Cotton Bag - 35x30 cm   FREE (RRP:£20)

Net weight /pack
Shipping weight 78.173Kg
Materials / Ingredients
Materials / Ingredients