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Where the products are made? 

All of the packaging is designed by Andy from the Lake District, and most products are handmade in Sheffield at AW production. We make soy wax candles in our own factory in China, but the fragrances come from England. We don't use Chinese fragrances.

Are the products 100% Vegan or suitable for vegetarian?

Yes, our products are 100% vegan, cruelty free and suitable for vegetarians.

Are your products Plastic Free?

We try our best but for some products we weren't able to avoid plastic. Our plastic free products are: all of our candles, our soaps, lip balms, soy wax melts, reed diffuser refills and face masks.

I'm Ancient Wisdom Customer for years; can I have an Agnes+Cat account?

Of course, but you will have to register on our website. We do have a minimum standard of shop and we currently don't supply online shops. So please fill the registration form and we will let you know.

What’s the minimum order amount? How much do I need to spend to get a free delivery?

Minimum order is £75 - Free delivery is £175 mainland UK. Other areas you can check in the shipping page.

Can I change the RRP or do I have to sell to a determined price suggested by Agnes and Cat?

We would prefer the sake of all Agnes & Cat partners that you stick to the RRP. But from time to time, we offer special deals so you can make special deals also.

Where are you based? Can I come and visit the Showroom?

You can visit our showroom Monday to Friday 9:30 to 3pm at AW in Sheffield. 

What’s the connection between Agnes and Cat and Ancient Wisdom?

Ancient Wisdom is the parent brand of Agnes and Cat. The packaging was designed by Andy McPherson, creator of Agnes and Cat, but since then has moved on to other projects. Ancient Wisdom is the owner, producer and distributor of Agnes + Cat.

Do you have any Christmas packaging or Christmas basket with goodies?

We have a beautiful range of Gift boxes which contains 2 bath fizzers and one candle. They would make a perfect Christmas gift.

Can I have a credit or pay monthly for my purchase?

We rarely give out credit account however you can apply if you are a regular customer. For more information you can email us at [email protected]

Does Agnes and Cat sell their products outside of United Kingdom?

Yes we can sell everywhere, please see our delivery page here.

Can you guarantee the products won't be out of stock when I need it, especially over the season time such as Christmas?

We of course will do our best to keep all the lines in stock. 

Can I get a stand display with Agnes and Cat?

Yes - no problem. You can buy outright, or get one free with a selection of starters or build your own.

Do you have any promotion running such as buy 1 and get one free?

Yes, we have regular promotions - sign for the newsletter to keep up to date.

Can I use your photos on my website? Do you have a catalogue with your products and prices?

Yes, ask us for images, we can provide more pictures that won't look like you have just copied. 

What’s the best way to start if I want to become a partner?

Register online.

How often Agnes and Cat will introduce a new product lines/range to the partner?

We are working full time on this. So new products are always in the pipeline.

How many products and how many fragrances do you have?

There are 18 main fragrances and 209 products.

Can we have a say at Agnes and Cat products, suggesting fragrances, packaging and new ideas?

Of course! We are always interest in your ideas and feedback.

Do you have sales rep in my area?

Sorry we don't have reps, but I can send you a sample pack or you can visit us. A rep system would add about 15% to prices (or reduce the quality) so you are so much better dealing directly with us. More and better deals and an easy reorder system online.

Do you offer exclusivity for my area?

We don't offer exclusivity. We tried at the beginning but it was impossible to monitor. We can however let you know before ordering if we already have a stockist in your town.

Do you have a showcase at trading fairs?

We will be the NEC Autumn Fair this September, we can't wait to meet you! Initially we are only looking for about 200 trading partners to work with.

What are the best fragrances to start with? Or most common fragrances that sells?

People like the Sea Salt & Moss, Moroccan Roll, Japanese Bloom, Provence , Windermere and White Fig.

What are the best seller products?

It varies from store to store, but a lot of people like our Lip Balms and Soap on a Rope, Fairy Dust and Reed Diffusers.

Do you have any videos how the products are made?

Coming shortly :)

What is the delivery time or dispatch time for my goods?

We aim for 2-4 days.

How quickly will you replace out of stock or damaged items?

As quickly as we can.

If I don't sell Agnes and Cat products, can I return them?

Sorry we don't do sale or return. 

Once I’m a partner, can I place small orders to refill the shelves?

Of Course, minimum order is £75 plus VAT. 

Can I return expired products to Agnes and Cat and get it replaced if out been charged for it?

Sorry we don't do sale or return. 

I'm a Agnes and Cat partner, If I order more than can I sell, can I return it?

Sorry we don't do sale or return. 

How long I need to wait for a big order to be dispatched or special order request?

Large order should be dispatched within 4 to 6 working days. If it is a special order request and we need to have our production make some personalized products for you for example, it could take up to 7 working days.

Do you provide product ingredients or certificates if it is needed?


What’s the main platform of advertising Agnes and Cat products?

Our main platform of advertising is our website,  www.agnesandcat.org

Need help?  We are happy to help you with whatever you need

+44 (0)1142 677 72 We are ready to assist :)