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Agnes + Cat has been several years refining, evolving and maturing right there in the creative heart of Britain: the Lake District. Then in partnership with Ancient Wisdom over 18 months has been carefully crafted and put into production. Initial production capacity should be enough to supply about 200 outlets, with the plan to just supply in the UK in the phase. Once established then to branch out internationally.

Created by Andy McPherson an award winning designer and retailer based in Hawkshead in the Lakes and now produced and distributed in partnership with Yorkshire based gift wholesaler Ancient Wisdom this brand could change the face of retail gifts.You are invited to be part of it.

The land of William Wordsworth and Beatrix Potter the Lakes have always played a part in original creativity and not least in world of retail brands. Out of the Lakes iconic retail brands regularly emerge think of Lakeland or Kendals. Now Agnes + Cat created by Andy McPherson is branching out from the Lakes and looking for Retail Partners across the UK.
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