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Agnes & Cat Starter and Display - Uranium

Product code: Starter-10

We understand that your retail fixtures and fittings can make a real difference to the success of your store. 

That's why we have designed this recycled wood display furniture to effectively display your new range of A+C products. This stand is pre-build so will take no effort to create your own Agnes and Cat world.

With simple click of a button you will benefit from huge range of soaps, bath fizzers, candles, lip balms, masks and way more. 

This Starter and Display Pack includes:

Soy Wax Tin Candles

ACTC-26 / 6x Fresh Citrus Tin Candles

ACTC-22 / 6x Provence Tin Candles

ACTC-23 / 6x Clementine Tin Candles

Jam Jar Candles

ACJJ-13 / 6x Velvet Moon Jam Jar Candles

ACJJ-03 / 6x  Fell Berry  Jam Jar Candles

ACJJ-21 / 6x  Coffee and Walnut Jam Jar Candles

ACJJ-09 / 6x  Parma Violet Jam Jar Candles

Kilner Jar Candles

ACKC-06 / 4x Seasalt and Moss Kilner Jar Candles

ACKC-02 / 4x Moroccan Roll Kilner Jar Candles

ACKC-22 / 4x Provence Kilner Jar Candles

ACKC-23 / 4x Clementine Kilner Jar Candles

Coconut Butter Soaps

ACHS-01 / 6x Coconut Butter Soap - Windermere

ACHS-05 / 6x Coconut Butter Soap - Japanese Bloom

ACHS-10 / 6x Coconut Butter Soap - Provence 

ACHS-11 / 6x Coconut Butter Soap - Clementine

Soap on a Rope

ACSR-09 / 6x Windermere Soap on a Rope

ACSR-01 / 6x Fell Berry Soap on a Rope

ACSR-11 / 6x  Pressed Peonies Soap on a Rope

ACSR-08/ 6x Tea and roses Soap on a Rope

Two Bath Fizzers

ACBB- 01 / 6x Windermere Bath Fizzers

ACBB-05 / 6x Japanese Bloom Bath Fizzers

ACBB-10 / 6x Provence  Bath Fizzers

ACBB-11 / 6x Clementine  Bath Fizzers

Soy Wax Melts

ACWM-01 / 4x Windermere Soy Wax Melts

ACWM-07 / 4x Japanese Bloom Soy Wax Melts

ACWM-22 / 4x  Provence Soy Wax Melts  

ACWM-02 / 4x Moroccan Roll Soy Wax Melts

Lip Balms + Testers

ACLB-05 / 6x Coconut Lip Balms

ACLB-07 / 6x Pina colada Lip Balms

ACLB-10 / 6x Mint Chocolate Lip Balms

ACLB-13 / 6x  Watermelon Lip Balms

Bath Salts

ACSALT-07 / 3x 500 g Himalayan Bath Salts - Grapefruit & Geranium

Reed Diffusers

ACD-02a / 3x Moroccan Roll  Reed Diffusers

ACD-14a / 3x  Reed Diffusers Tea & Roses 

ACD-22a / 3x Provence Reed Diffusers 

ACD-23a / 3x Clementine Reed Diffusers

Face Masks

ACFM-03 / 4x Pink Clay Face Masks

ACFM-02 / 4x Green Clay Face Masks

ACFM-01 / 4x Red Clay Face Masks

Fairy Dusts

ACFD-06 / 3x Fairy Dust 500g - Provence

ACFD-07 / 3x Fairy Dust 500g - Clementine

Aromatherapy Eye pillows

ACTEP-03 / 3x Eye Pillow - Pamper & Pleasure 

ACTEP-05 / 3x Eye Pillow - Becalmed & Destressed 

Essential Roll on Blends

ACREBL-02 / 6x 10ml Roll On Essential Oil Blend - ENERGY

ACREBL-05 / 6x 10ml Roll On Essential Oil Blend - FOCUS

Agnes & Cat Ribbons12mm x 90m - Agnes & Cat Ribbon - Navy

20 x Large Paper Shopping Bags FREE

1x Six Shelf Display with Casters - Recycled Wood FREE

Net weight /starter
Shipping weight 97.596Kg
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Materials / Ingredients