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Green and Blue Starter Pack

Product code: Starter-08

Maximise your sales by adding this Starter Pack in Green and Blue to your shop, incorporating all of our most popular fragrances in a cool harmonious colour palette, worth £1335 at retail value.

FREE 10 x Agnes and Cat Cotton Bag  - RRP £2.50/bag

FREE Delivery to UK Mainland

Starter pack includes :

Handmade Coconut Butter Soaps RRP £6.95 / soap

ACHS-10 / 6x 140g Handmade Soap - Provence

ACHS-03 / 6x Handmade 140g Coconut Butter Soap – Fellberry

ACHS-08 / 6x 140g Handmade Soap - White Fig

Natural Lip Balms RRP £4.99 / lip balm

ACLB-06 / 6x Lip Balm  - Sparkling fizz

ACLB-01 /6x Lip Balm - Salted Caramel

ACLB-10 / 6x LIP BALM – Mint Chocolate

Soy Wax Tin Candles RRP £12.95 / candle

ACTC-02 / 6x 200ml Soy Wax Tin Candle – Moroccan Roll

ACTC-26 / 6x 200ml Soy Wax Tin Candle – Fresh Citrus

ACTC-09 / 6x 200ml Soy Wax Tin Candle – Parma Violet

JamJar Candles RRP £12.50 / candle

ACJJ-04 / 6x JamJar Candle – Rhubarb

ACJJ-13 / 6x JamJar Candle – Velvet Moon

ACJJ-03 / 6x JamJar Candle –Fellberry

Kilner Jar Candles RRP £19.95 / candle

ACKC-20 / 4x Kilner Jar Candle – White Fig

ACKC-22 / 4x Kilner Jar Candle – Provence

ACKC-17 / 4 Kilner Jar Candles - Dolly Blue 

Soap On A Rope RRP £7.00 / soap

ACSR-09 / 6x 150g Soap On A Rope – Windermere

ACSR-07 / 6x 150g Soap On A Rope – Rhubarb, Rhubarb

ACSR- 01 / 6x 150g Soap On A Rope - Fell berry

Bath Fizzers RRP £5.75 / fizzer

ACBB-10 / 6x Bath Fizzer Fresh – Provence

ACBB-06 / 6x Bath Fizzer Fresh – Dolly Blue

ACBB-13 / 6x Bath Fizzer - Rhubarb Rhubarb

Reed Diffusers 140ml  RRP: £19.5/diffuser

ACD-02a / 3x 140ml Reed Diffuser - Moroccan Roll

Ceramic Diffuser with Soy Wax Melts RRP £15.00 / diffuser

ACCM-01 / 4x Ceramic Diffuser with Soy Wax Melts (Sea salt & Moss,Rhubarb, Parma Violet and Tea & Roses).

Fairy Dust 500g RRP: £12.50/Piece 

ACFD-01    3x Fairy Dust 500g - Rhubarb

Natural Soy Wax Melts 160g RRP: £9.90/box 

ACWM-01 / 4x Box of 8 Wax Melts - Windermere

ACCBag-01 - 10 x Agnes and Cat Cotton Bag FREE

Net weight /starter
Shipping weight 42,973Kg
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Materials / Ingredients