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Fire at Agnes and Cat

Please Note: We are now taking orders as usual. Our current dispatch time is 4+ days. We apologise for the large amount of out of stock products.

We are in the process of moving warehouse to a much bigger space. Please bare with us during this time and in the next few weeks as the move will cause disruption on all orders.

Here is a message to you from our managing director, David.

 A devastating fire at Agnes+Cat and Ancient Wisdom (our parent brand) HQ on Friday night and Saturday morning completely destroyed Block B, the largest of our three warehouses at this site. It was at night and nobody was there so nobody was harmed. Thank God.

There is no sugar coating it, it is a major blow to Agnes+Cat. Our production, dispatch area, offices. Gone. 

I will never forget being woken at 7.37am (my time) by Tomas, and seeing his face framed by a burning warehouse. It seems from the CCTV a bin in the car-park area combusted and the flames once inside the warehouse spread rapidly, the whole block burned through within an hour.
How it happened we don't know fully yet, the fire service will be making a report.

If you can bear it you can see the local news report here.

As you can imagine everyone is in shock, me included. But today we start the rebuild.
I have received many messages of support from suppliers, customers and competitors. You have no idea how much of a comfort this is. Thank you.

We are confident we can get some production up and running soon as most of the raw materials is in the surviving warehouse.
Tomas & Katka (our directors) and the amazing staff have already spent the weekend planning a way forward.
We will find a temporary warehouse for order dispatch and bring all stock we have left there - and boot up dispatch. Production we will recreated permanently in one of the surviving warehouses.

 So I'm asking you to bear with us for the rest of July, to give us a chance to rebuild, your support as always is greatly appreciated.

If you have an order with us, we will probably be cancelling it or crediting your payment this week, so sorry for the inconvenience. Customer service will be doing their best to make this happen.
The website will be updated over the next few days to show what stock we actually do have, when that is live we will let you know.

 On a positive note, I think we can rebuild the warehouse bigger and better and more geared to dispatch orders efficiently. 

 Please spare a thought for the staff at Agnes + Cat and Ancient Wisdom, they just overcame a host of Covid-19 challenges, and are now hit with this. Fate is unkind.

 Stay safe.