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Agnes & Cat Starter and Display - Platinium

Product code: Starter-06

We understand that your retail fixtures and fittings can make a real difference to the success of your store.

That's why we have designed this recycled wood display furniture to effectively display your new range of A+C products. This stand is pre-build so will take no effort to create your own Agnes and Cat world.

With simple click of a button you will benefit from huge range of soaps, bath fizzers, candles, lip balms, masks and way more. 

Origin United Kingdom
Weight 155Kg
Dimensions 180x60x80 (cm), 864L, 0.179Kg/L
Ingredients Woodend Display Furniture, Soaps, Reed Diffusers, Candles, Cosmetics

This Starter Pack includes:

Here you can benefit from stock worth of £4100 in retail value plus get beautiful furniture worth £395 and 50 x Kraft Bags worth £19 FREE to display and store all artisan products we've selected for you... If you feel you would like to choose your products and get the Shop Fitting Free please contact us on 01142 677 723

ACBB-011Pack of 6 Bath Fizzers - Windermere
ACBB-021Pack of 6 Bath  Fizzers - Moroccan Roll
ACBB-051Pack of 6 Bath  Fizzers - Japanese Bloom
ACBB-061Pack of 6 Bath  Fizzers - Dolly Blue
ACBB-071Pack of 6 Pack  of 6 Bath Fizzers - Pressed Peonies
ACBB-101Pack of 6 Bath  Fizzers - Provence
ACD-013140ml Reed  Diffuser - Windermere
ACD-023140ml Reed  Diffuser - Moroccan Roll
140ml Reed  Diffuser - Seasalt and Moss
ACD-173140ml Reed  Diffuser - Dolly Blue
ACD-183140ml Reed  Diffuser - Pressed Peonie
ACD-203140ml Reed  Diffuser - White Fig
ACHS-021Box of 6  Handmade Soaps - Moroccan Roll
ACHS-031Box of 6  Handmade Soaps - Fellberry
ACHS-041Box of 6  Handmade Soaps -Seasalt And Moss
ACHS-091Box of 6  Handmade Soaps - Coffee And Walnut
ACHS-141Box of 6  Handmade Soaps - Rhubarb Rhubarb
ACHS-151Box of 6  Handmade Soaps - Tea & Roses
ACJJ-011Box of 6 Jam Jar  Candles - Windermere
ACJJ-021Box of 6 Jam Jar  Candles - Moroccan Roll
ACJJ-031Box of 6 Jam Jar  Candles - Fell Berry
ACJJ-041Box of 6 Jam Jar  Candles - Rhubarb Rhubarb
ACJJ-061Box of 6 Jam Jar  Candles - Seasalt and Moss
ACJJ-071Box of 6 Jam Jar  Candles - Japanese Bloom
ACJJ-201Box of 6 Jam Jar  Candles - White Fig
ACJJ-221Box of 6 Jam Jar  Candles - Provence
ACKC-061Box of 4 Kilner  Jar Candles - Seasalt and Moss
ACKC-071Box of 4 Kilner  Jar Candles - Japanese Bloom
ACKC-201Box of 4 Kilner  Jar Candles - White Fig
ACKC-211Box of 4 Kilner  Jar Candles - Coffee and Walnut
ACKC-221Box of 4 Kilner  Jar Candles - Provence
ACKC-261Box of 4 Kilner  Jar Candles - Citrus
ACLB-016Lip Balm -  Salted Caramel
ACLB-036Lip Balm -  Strawberry
ACLB-046Lip Balm -  Manuka Honey
ACLB-056Lip Balm -  Coconut
ACLB-066Lip Balm -  Prosecco
ACLB-076Lip Balm -  Pinacolada
ACSR-011Pack of 6 Soap  On A Rope - Fellberry
ACSR-041Pack of 6 Soap  On A Rope - Moroccan Roll
ACSR-051Pack of 6 Soap  On A Rope - Sea Salt And Moss
ACSR-061Pack of 6 Soap  On A Rope - Coffee And Walnut
ACSR-071Pack of 6 Soap  On A Rope - RHUBARB RHUBARB
ACSR-081Pack of 6 Soap  On A Rope - TEA & ROSES
ACTC-046Tin Candle -  Moroccan Roll
6Tin Candle - Japanese Bloom
ACTC-136Tin Candle -  Velvet Moon
ACTC-166Tin Candle -  Vintage Gardenia
ACTC-206Tin Candle -  White Fig
ACWM-014Box of 8 Wax  Melts - Windemere
ACWM-024Box of 8 Wax  Melts - Moroccan Roll
ACWM-044Box of 8 Wax  Melts - Rhubarb Rhubarb
ACWM-054Box of 8 Wax Melts - Tea and Roses
ACWM-064Box of 8 Wax  Melts - Seasalt + Moss
ACWM-224Box of 8 Wax  Melts - Provence
Ceramic Diffuser with Soy Wax Melts
ACPG-0150Printed White  or Plain Red Kraft Bags (according to stock) 260mm x 120mm x 340mm - FREE 
ACShop-011Shelf Display -  Recycled Wood - 100x40x160cm  - FREE